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Простите, я тут совсем не в тему, ибо именно в этом году мне ничего не хочется говорить на тему войны и побед, мне хочется только лишь сказать о важности победы над собой, над собственной ленью и собственными предубеждениями.

Так вот, я сейчас "оцениваю" студентов на Курсере, и читая ответы на задание "3-5 историй, которые повлияли на то, каким вы сейчас стали", я умиляюсь, восхищаюсь, и просто не могу сдержать всех своих позитивных эмоций. Все же сколько правильных, интересных и безупречных людей рядом с нами.

Хочу опубликовать 4 истории одного студента, после которых я сегодня в таком прекрасном настроении (с одной стороны - я раскрываю его секреты общественности, а с другой стороны - я буду чувствовать за собой грех, если не сделаю этого). Наслаждайтесь:

1. My father narrates that when he was in his postgraduate studies in one of the top Universities in my country, he was confined to bed for 4 months because of a serious illness. And this happened before the examinations. But he had a strong desire to excel in the final examinations. Doctors advised him to drop the year. He requested his friends and relatives to read aloud the text books to him while he listened to them lying in his bed. In the examination he got a writer to write for him as he was weak. But due to his strong will and desire to excel in the examination he prepared for the examination listening to his friends’ narrations and finally he topped in the University. This story which he told me time and again during my childhood, made me firmly believe that nothing is impossible is one has a strong desire to achieve it and is committed to the cause and ready to work hard towards it. This has shaped me into a very hard working person

2. An incident, which happened early in my life developed strong values of being honest and telling the truth. Once, when I was 10 years old, a bicycle theft occurred in my colony. I remember that people had gathered and were discussing who might have stolen it. As a child, may be wanting to attract attention I told that I had come out of the house at night around 1 am and seen the cycle. My father was surprised as how I was getting up so late in the night and why did I come out at night. Then the owner of the cycle revealed that actually he had kept the cycle somewhere else. It was clear that I was lying. My father was very angry that I lied and I got a tight slap. From that day i decided that I should never lie as a lie will always be caught and the outcome would be embarrassing and not good. I believe in admitting and speaking the truth.

3. After working for 15 years in the government I realized that whereas the world is changing so fast I am stuck in the routine and not learning new things. I realized that I need to get exposed to new knowledge. I decided to pursue an MBA programme. I worked very hard and scored very high GMAT score 750 + and got admitted to 1 year executive MBA program in a top B school. When I entered the class I realized that I was the only person from government background and on very high side of the age compared to my class mates who were 7-10 years younger to me and had experiences in private sectors in various countries. I did not have any global work experience. I was feeling very awkward and uncomfortable. Acceptability was also a big issue. I thought about it and decided to sit in the front row. The reason being, I wanted myself to study hard and be exposed to the tough questions which the teacher often posed to the front seaters. I came to the class after extensively reading the cases and course material and participated actively in class discussions without worrying of being stupid. Within a period of 2 months I realized that everything was connecting very well and my learning was very tremendous. I finally emerged as one of the toppers and the most popular student among my colleagues and also the professors. This has reinforced my belief that if one is committed to a cause and works hard he will be successful. The new knowledge acquired in MBA program and interactions with my classmates have made me a good learner.

4. I have seen many of my senior colleagues in a state of high stress and bad health viz high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems etc. I realize that there stress is not due to work pressure although they attribute it to it. Their personal habits are leading to these stresses example they party very frequently, eat highly processed food very often, drink and smoke too much and lead a lazy life style. As a result, as they go up the management chain, their health does not permit them to work hard and remain efficient at work. This creates stress. I have seen many of my senior colleagues dying due to these problems. About 5 years back I decided to lead a very disciplined and simple life. I started eating very healthy food, sleeping properly, avoiding parties, stopped drinking and started exercising regularly. My health has improved significantly and I feel lot more energetic at work. I have inculcate the value of leading a discipline and simple life.

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