Ее Величество Alice Malahova (alice_malahova) wrote,
Ее Величество Alice Malahova

Очередной пост восхищения

Продолжу восхищение курсеровским курсом "Better Leader, Richer Life". Сегодня мне пришли первые фидбеки по моей домашке, и.. как же приятно понимать, что и твои истории кого-то вдохновили, и люди не стесняются это выражать, или просто получать слова поддержки и мотивации.
Ниже оставлю "избранное", только не сочтите это за наглый PR себя, на самом деле, это наглый PR этого курса

1) Be bold and be complete! Your leadership vision is there to show you the way.

2) I am really impressed by your response, which was well organized and clearly answer the questions. You must have put in it a lot of effort. You are a strong woman, it seems that nothing can stop you. I am just 2 years younger than you but I feel that the gap between us is very far, far away. Your vision are very clear and inspire me a lot. I usually made a timetable for myself but always failed to achieve it. So I will try to made it one again. Again, your assignment is awesome, thanks.

3) I am very moved by your story and your childhood. Yet else values of motivation, independence, consciousness, self-reliance, a person's health, beauty, education and emotions (rather than the material trappings) are wonderful values to have. Thank you for sharing this. Difficult times to learn early in life but I think that this will serve you well in all your future endeavors.
I also want to tell you that I think you did an excellent job on this assignment/self-assessment. Yours was the best that I read. I wish you much success in your endeavors!

Tags: жизнь, кто если не я?, хорошо, я

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